eBooks for Entrepreneurs, Angel Investors and Business Advisors

This website has been constructed to allow the free download of a set of eBooks written by Dr. Tom McKaskill (Dr. Exit). eBooks in pdf format may be downloaded and distributed for free.

Kindle ebooks are available at normal retail prices from Amazon.com.

Any organization which wishes to provide any of these ebooks to their viewers for free may copy and host the eBooks on their own website.

Free (pdf) eBooks

Invest to Exit - A pragmatic strategy for Angel and Venture Capital investors

Raising Angel & Venture Capital Finance – An entrepreneur’s guide to securing venture finance

An Introduction to Angel Investing - A guide to investing in early stage entrepreneurial ventures

Ultimate Exits – The secret behind selling entrepreneurial ventures at staggering prices

Ultimate Acquisitions – Unlock high growth potential through smart acquisitions

Ultimate Growth Strategies – A practical guide to engineer high growth into your business

Marketing for High Growth Ventures - Forget the spin, apply proven strategies

Financial Information for Entrepreneurs and Managers - Understanding and Using Financial Statements, Budgets and Cash Flow Statements

Financial Decision Making for Entrepreneurs and Managers - Understanding and using business decision models in strategic planning

The Rollercoaster Ride


Masterclass for Entrepreneurs - Over 330 published articles assembled in 9 books.
Full Length Books - 14 books converted to work with the Kindle ebook reader.