This book is a collection of stories from entrepreneurs around the world where they describe their work and their lives. They explain what it is like to be an entrepreneur, how they got started, the successes and failures of their ventures and the highs and lows of their personal and business lives. The stories are rich in content and provide deep insights into how entrepreneurs think. If you are an entrepreneur this will resonate with your inner being. If you are not, this will provide you with a great understanding of how entrepreneurs interact with those around them.

This exciting insight into the world of the entrepreneurs is arranged in 10 gripping chapters.

1. We all start somewhere
2. Why do it
3. Nobody understands me
4. Along the rocky road
5. Things you don’t forget
6. Events that changed the future
7. The view from the sidelines
8. Family moments
9. Reflections
10. This is who I am

If you want to understand the entrepreneur, this is the book to read.